The project delivered a number of upgraded and improved facilities, designed to enhance the local area both in function and aesthetics.

Noise / Screen Walls

As part of the Gateway WA project, approximately seven kilometres of new noise / screen walls were constructed to help reduce traffic noise to local residential areas located near the Leach Highway, Tonkin Highway and Roe Highway sections of the project. Noise / screen walls were included in all three project zones – Northern, Western and Southern.

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Pedestrian and Cyclist Facilities

New Principal Shared Paths were installed as part of the Gateway WA project, providing improved facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. The new paths provide improved access for walking and cycling along the new road alignment.

The project installed 21 kilometres of Principal Shared Path and local connections adjacent to the new road alignment along Tonkin and Leach Highways, the extension of Leach Highway into Perth Airport (Airport Drive), and Roe Highway.

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The shared path connection points are as follows:


  • Victoria Street, Stanton Road, Redcliffe Park / Dayana Court and Klem Avenue.


  • Epsom Avenue / Middleton Park, Middleton Street, Hardey Road, Guilfoyle Green / Whiteside Road, Belgravia Street, Glassford Road, Fisher Street, Tighe Street, Abernethy Road, Robinson Avenue and Treave Street.


  • Belmont Avenue, Knutsford Avenue, Acton Avenue, Jeffrey Street, Tipping Road, Cassella Place and Daddow Road.


  • Hardey East Road, Quartz Lane / Calcite Place, Marble Place, Limonite Court, Pumice Court, Reynolds Road, Pavetta Crescent and Berkshire Road.

For more information, view our Factsheet