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Gateway WA was passionate about undertaking the Perth Airport and Freight Access Project with environmental care, and aimed to minimise any adverse impacts associated with the works. Where possible, the project took steps to conserve vegetation and established trees, protected the habitats of native flora and fauna, and salvaged plant material for re-use after the project.


The project was approved by the Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. As a requirement of this approval, the project operated under a series of Construction and Operation Environmental Management Plans. These plans outlined the management of key environment risks associated with the project and can be viewed below.

Additionally, the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) approved a Clearing Permit for the Gateway WA project (with the exception of Roe Highway) in July 2013. The permit allowed clearing of native vegetation within the project boundaries on State land. In association with the clearing permit, the project complied with conditions relating to fauna and flora protection, dieback, weed control and offset vegetation.

Aboriginal Heritage

Approval was granted on 13 February 2013 under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 to undertake works for the Gateway WA project, which fall within registered aboriginal heritage sites. Further consultation with the appropriate aboriginal communities continued throughout the project.


As a part of Gateway WA’s commitment to caring for the environment, the project:

  • Provided a supportive environmental culture by embracing behaviours that contribute to a sustainable future
  • Minimised our environmental impacts and prevent pollution by applying a hierarchy of controls to eliminate, substitute or mitigate such impacts
  • Promoted the efficient use of energy, reduction of waste and recycling of materials in all activities
  • Improved the overall sustainability performance of the project by measuring, managing and taking appropriate steps to increase the project's Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating
  • Complied with environmental legal requirements and approval conditions applicable to the project
  • Engaged with the relevant stakeholders and community representatives on a regular basis with the aim to build strong relationships.

The Gateway WA project operated in accordance with a series of Construction and Operation Environmental Management Plans, approved by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities and the Department of Environment and Conservation. These plans can be viewed below:

At the 2015 Infinity Awards organised by the Waste Authority, the Gateway WA Project was chosen as the winner of the Business Category for its commitment to waste minimisation on the project.   


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