22 Jul 2014

Work on Bell Street drainage system progressing

The upgrade of Bell Street’s drainage system is underway as part of the construction of the street’s new extension linking Miles Road through to Orrong Road.

The Bell Street extension is one of a number of local road improvements in the Kewdale Industrial Area being delivered as part of the Gateway WA Project. In conjunction with the construction of this new road, the intersection of Division Street / Orrong Road / Ballantyne Road will also be upgraded. This will involve widening the road and installing traffic signals.

The project team is carrying out significant piped drainage work for Bell Street which will continue over the next few weeks.

The new road is being built where the open drain channel for the old drainage system used to flow. This new drainage system will change the street’s open channel into an underground piped network.   

Twin concrete pipelines, with diameters of 1,500 metres, will connect two new large underground junction chambers at each end of the new road, some 300 metres apart.   

Work on the drainage system began earlier this year and will finish, together with the completed road, in late 2014. 



Aerial view of drainage work at Bell Street, Kewdale