Break through
17 Feb 2015

Break-through for the Leach Highway / Abernethy Road bridge

It was literally a break-through for the Gateway WA project team recently when the final excavation work under the Abernethy Road bridge took place in the Western Zone.  

The bridge, which has been opened to traffic since late last year, was built using top down construction. This involved the building of a permanent structure, followed by excavation from top to bottom. This left the excavation under the bridge as one of the final tasks for the team to complete. 

The bridge, made up of 154 continuous flight auger (CFA) piles, 102 precast planks and around 500 cubic metres of concrete for the bridge deck, is the only bridge out of Gateway WA’s 11 bridges to be built using the top down construction method. 

Up until recently the remaining material under the bridge blocked the view to the other side. Breaking through the material and finishing the excavation work is a huge sign of progress for the project team.  

Now, with all the excavation undertaken, the focus is on building the Leach Highway alignment which will run underneath Abernethy Road.   

The Leach Highway / Abernethy Road interchange is scheduled to be finished late this year.