Traffic changes on the way
19 Mar 2015

Change on the way

As the second half of March gets underway, the project team is busy preparing for work on three of the project’s main intersections that will lead to major changes for road users from the end of the month onwards.   

The changes will take place at the Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway intersection, the Leach Highway / Abernethy Road intersection and the Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road intersection. Layout modifications and traffic restrictions will be required.  

There will be a combination of changes – some are temporary and others are permanent. All of the changes are necessary to allow the project team to work towards the final layout of the interchanges. 

The temporary changes taking place over the last weekend of March will involve road closures and the travelling public is asked to avoid the area if possible.  

The permanent changes at these intersections provide road users with the first opportunity to travel on finished parts of the new interchanges. Some movements will even become free-flow with traffic avoiding signals. As the project team works towards completion, new sections of the interchanges will be opened to traffic.

Our website has a dedicated major traffic changes page for the upcoming changes which features traffic notices and detour maps relating to the work being undertaken.    

The interchange at Leach Highway / Abernethy Road will be the first of the Gateway WA project’s interchanges to be finished later this year, followed by the Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange and the Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road interchange by the end of the year.

Some of the movements at the interchanges will differ significantly from the old layout of the intersections and road users may wish to become familiar with the new layouts prior to their completion. Please see the future traffic movements for these interchanges at our online construction map.