Urban design sky ribbon
18 Feb 2013

Creating a Gateway – Urban Design and Landscaping

The iconic nature of the Gateway WA project demands a visionary approach in order to create a lasting impression for road users, residents and visitors to Western Australia.

The project provides an opportunity to form a gateway to the city that expresses the dynamic, creative and rapidly evolving character of Western Australia.

The project will use innovative and integrated urban design concepts to create a themed journey that will include way-finding cues to aid navigation and make a positive and lasting impression for visitors.

The urban design will feature a “Ribbons through the landscape” theme, which draws from the natural Perth landscape setting and represent the earth, sky and vegetation. The urban design will incorporate functional elements including noise walls, retaining walls bridges and abutments, highway lighting and landscaping.

It is proposed that the project will use an endemic palette of planting comprising the unique flora of Perth and Western Australia. The landscape design will create a strong green spine along the length of the corridor to integrate the project into its natural setting.

A prominent feature of the urban design will be the Tonkin Highway and Leach Highway interchange, where a grand gateway will be created between the city and the Perth Airport. This will be supported by the three major bridge connections, which will create portals to the gateway – to the south (Horrie Miller Drive /Kewdale Road /Tonkin Highway); north (Tonkin Highway/Dunreath Drive); and west (Abernethy Road/Leach Highway).

The urban design concepts have built on the themes and community views that were captured during the Master Plan stage of the project.