Leach Ab May 2015
3 Jun 2015

Final asphalt surface for Abernethy Road

As the project team moves towards full completion of the Leach Highway / Abernethy Road interchange, temporary weekend road closures will be put in place this upcoming weekend to enable the crew to carry out some further asphalting work.  

The final asphalt surface is being laid on Abernethy Road in the vicinity of the new interchange, an essential and time consuming task that requires favourable weather conditions. 

The temporary closures of Leach Highway and Abernethy Road are set to take place from Friday evening until Monday morning (5 to 8 June). The roads are scheduled to be open on time for Monday morning commuters.

There will be a number of alternate routes available for road users over the weekend. These can be found on our major traffic changes page.

The Leach Highway / Abernethy Road interchange is targeted for completion this year. To view the final movements that will be available when the interchange is fully finished, please see our animated interchange map.