Abernethy Bridge
11 Dec 2014

First bridge opened to traffic

The first Gateway WA bridge was opened to traffic at the Leach Highway / Abernethy Road intersection last weekend.

The Abernethy Road bridge is the only bridge in the project scope that has used top down construction methodology which involves the building of a permanent structure along with the excavation from top to bottom. It is made up of 154 continuous flight auger (CFA) piles, 102 precast planks and 480 cubic metres of concrete for the bridge deck.

The Leach Highway / Abernethy Road interchange is one of two single point urban interchanges Gateway WA is constructing which allows the efficient movement of large traffic volumes. This is the first time this type of interchange design is being used in Western Australia.

Western Zone Project Manager Peter Hopfmueller said opening the bridge to traffic movements is a major milestone for the future interchange.

“Allowing traffic to travel on the bridge is a big step forward for the intersection. The bridge is in a temporary signal arrangement which is subject to further stages before full completion next year.” 

The construction team’s focus will continue to be on earthworks to excavate under the bridge for the final Leach Highway alignment approaches to the bridge and pavement construction activities to advance the ramps.    

The Leach Highway / Abernethy Road interchange is scheduled to be finished late next year.