22 Jul 2015

First variable message sign in place

The first variable message sign for the Gateway WA project has been installed with a further 15 to be in put in place over the coming weeks.

The variable message signs showcase the latest in intelligent transport system technology with increased functionality and the ability to display two colour text and four colour pictures as required.

The first sign has been erected between the Great Eastern Highway and the Tonkin Highway / Dunreath Drive interchange and will be in operation in the coming months.  

When in use, road users will be provided real time traffic information such as expected travel times, congestion information and details of any incidents that have taken place on the network.

For the Gateway WA project, the installation of the intelligent transport system technology involves:

  • 30km of optic fibre cables
  • 42 CCTV cameras
  • 16 variable message signs
  • 125 vehicle detection sites

A coordinated approach from project members and multiple contractors will oversee the placement of the remaining variable message signs and other technology across the project site.