29 Jun 2015

Further road network changes

As the second half of the year gets underway, the changes to the road network around Perth Airport and the Kewdale Industrial Precinct continue to transform the area.

Modified road layouts and temporary traffic conditions will allow the project team to undertake ongoing construction activities.

This will result in changes for the travelling public, including the use of some additional interchange movements.    

Road users can now see progress for themselves as they travel through the project area. Public art features are being installed, planting is taking place and finishing works are being carried out, all signs of significant progress.  

Access to Perth Airport will also differ due to the modified layout of the road network. Those travelling to the airport terminals, as well as through the general area for other purposes, are encouraged to become familiar with the modifications and restrictions in place.

All information relating to the changes is available on our major traffic changes page.     

To view Gateway WA’s final interchange movements, please see the interchange maps here.