Artist Impression of Roe Highway / Berkshire Road
9 Jun 2014

Gateway WA awarded new package of work

Further to the original project scope, Gateway WA has been awarded a new package of work at the intersection of Roe Highway / Berkshire Road, Forrestfield.  The work is jointly funded by the State and Federal Government.

Currently utilised by over 40,000 vehicles per day, the busy intersection will be upgraded to a grade separated interchange where traffic on Roe Highway will travel in a free-flow movement, on a newly constructed road over the top of Berkshire Road.

In addition to providing relief to the traveling public, the local community will also benefit from the installation of noise / amenities walls as well as shared path for use by pedestrians and cyclists.

Works are expected to commence in August 2014, subject to environmental approvals, with an anticipated completion date of early 2016.

For further information on this package of work and to view the movements that will be available at the future interchange, please visit our interactive construction map.