Land Art
9 Jun 2015

Land Art takes shape

As the road network rapidly transforms the project area, so too are Gateway WA’s urban design and public art features. One of the main pieces of Land Art at the Grand Gateway at the Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange has recently been completed.

Land Art is one of three artistic elements that make up the Grand Gateway, alongside Earth Wall and Sky Ribbon. Together, these pieces represent the rich history and the optimistic future of the state.

The artwork comprises organic and earthen materials such as gravels and natural vegetation of various colours and textures which have been designed as a public art project by four indigenous artists and is surrounded by the road system of the Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange.

Grass trees that were extracted at the beginning of the project have been relocated to the site to compliment parts of Land Art in the Grand Gateway and represent the iconic flora of the Swan Coastal Plain.

The translocation of these natural species supports the project’s commitment to the environment and the sustainable use of materials where possible, along with highlighting the sculptural form of the species.

To find out more about the project’s urban design visit Gateway WA’s urban design page.

The Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange will be finished later this year.