25 Aug 2015

Major asphalting undertaken

Asphalting formed a main part of the work carried out by the project team last weekend.

Some road closures in the vicinity of the Grand Gateway enabled the project team to undertake asphalting works, with open grade asphalt being laid on Tonkin Highway. This type of asphalt increases safety in wet weather and reduces noise levels on the road.   

Alongside asphalting, the project team carried out a range of finishing works, including line marking and barrier removal.

The project’s landscaping team also took advantage of the weekend to make progress with their program of works. More than one million plants are being installed across the Gateway WA project area.

The Grand Gateway at the Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange will create the first impression for visitors entering the state. Further weekend road closures are expected in the coming weeks to allow the project team to continue the work in this area safely and efficiently.