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22 Feb 2016

New footbridge being installed for shared path network

A new footbridge is being constructed as part of Gateway WA’s shared path network. The footbridge is being installed over Abernethy Road along Tonkin Highway in the project’s Southern Zone.

The footbridge, which is approximately 57 metres long and 3.6 metres wide, is being bolted to the existing road bridge in the area, a design solution that minimises disruption to traffic on the road network during construction.  

The project’s design team used a combination of traditional surveying techniques, together with 3D laser scanning and imagery, to create a 3D model of the bridge.

The steel components of the footbridge were prefabricated to reduce the amount of work on site. A total of 19 support arms, spanning seven metres each, were recently fixed into position over three nights. Seven deck modules, which range up to 10 metres in length, will be put in place shortly.  

Approximately 21 kilometres of shared path and local connections are being installed across the Gateway WA project area.

The footbridge removes the last remaining at grade crossing within the Gateway WA project area, providing cyclists and pedestrians with a fully segregated path along Tonkin Highway from Stanton Road to Hale Road.

To find out more about the shared path network, please visit our facilities page.