Noise walls complete
13 Apr 2015

Noise / amenity walls in High Wycombe

The completion of noise / amenity walls in High Wycombe at the start of the year was marked by a recent visit to High Wycombe by Western Australian Transport Minister, Dean Nalder.

Gateway WA was commissioned by the State Government to construct approximately 2.6 kilometres of noise / amenity walls along Roe Highway in High Wycombe to mitigate traffic noise and provide privacy screening for local residents. This was an additional package of work awarded to the Gateway WA Alliance.

Mr Nalder was joined on the day by State Member for Forrestfield, Nathan Morton, Member for East Metropolitan Region, Alyssa Hayden and Gateway WA representatives.

The noise / amenity walls stretch approximately 2.6 kilometres from just north of Poison Gully in the south to Buttercup Crescent in the north on the western side of Roe Highway.