Land Art
20 Jan 2016

Reticulation complete

The landscaping team recently finished the project’s reticulation installation with the final piece of work taking place along the Tonkin Highway median in the vicinity of the Tonkin Highway/Horrie Miller Drive/Kewdale Road interchange.

Overall, around 38 kilometres of pipe and 3,120 sprinklers have been installed, covering more than 160,000 square metres across the project area.  

The work, stretching across all project zones, required cross-functional assistance from several other teams on the project to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of this infrastructure.

Landscaping forms an important part of Gateway WA’s urban design and demonstrates the project’s commitment to the environment.

Involving more than one million plants, the project’s landscaping program is the largest ever to be undertaken by Main Roads Western Australia.

Reticulation was placed in highly visual sections of the project, such as basins and interchange slopes, to ensure these displays of Western Australian flora are maintained.