Redcliffe Basin
8 Jul 2014

Revegetation to commence at Redcliffe Park

Soft landscaping and revegetation work is being undertaken at Redcliffe Park next month as part of the Gateway Alliance's commitment to reinstating areas that have been cleared.

Following construction of the drainage basin at Redcliffe Park, seeding and planting of trees will be carried out by the project team and will continue for the rest of the winter season.

A seed mix of low lying bushes and larger trees will be planted as well as species suitable for wet areas around the basin. Low lying bush species include Cat’s Paw, Sand Bottlebrush and Swan River Myrtle with Paperbark trees.

Redcliffe Park is a focal part of the local community and restoring the affected area around the basin to a high standard is a priority for Gateway WA. 

Vegetation is expected to flourish in about 12 months and will improve over time. Revegetation works in other cleared areas are scheduled next year.