Mulch spread
15 Dec 2014

Revegetation work in progress

Gateway WA’s landscaping team undertook the spreading of mulch at the Roe Highway / Tonkin Highway interchange recently which is the first step of revegetation in this area.

Mulch spreading is one of the earliest finishing works of the project and is made up of a combination of Gateway WA’s own stock and mulch supplied to the project. By completing the task now, it will enable the landscaping team to carry out the scheduled planting and seeding programme next winter at the Roe Highway / Tonkin Highway interchange and across the project scope. 

The mulch spread the other day consisted of 1,800 cubic metres of mulch which was the largest single quantity of mulch to be spread on the project to date.

Gateway WA is committed to undertaking the project with environmental care and the project’s dedicated landscaping team will ensure revegetation and landscaping work is advanced in line with construction activities.