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15 Dec 2015

Some movements to open at Roe Highway/Berkshire Road interchange

Some movements at the Roe Highway/Berkshire Road interchange will become available from Friday (18 December).      

Up until recently, the project team was able to stage the work taking place at the new interchange, working to minimise the impact on the travelling public.

During the planning for the northern section of the interchange, the team considered various options to carry out the work as quickly and safely as possible.  

It was not feasible to implement a staged approach to the works due to space constraints so restrictions had to be put in place. The majority of these restrictions will continue to be in operation until early February 2016.

However, on Friday, through movements on Berkshire Road will be re-established for motorists and Roe Highway westbound access from the northern side (Ashby Close side) of the interchange will also be restored. For further information please see the traffic notice here.

Motorists are also currently able to travel along Roe Highway in a free-flow movement at the interchange. 

The team is midway through construction of the northern section of the interchange with further works to follow after Christmas such as asphalting, barrier installation, pavement construction and line marking.

The project team continues to monitor the effectiveness of detour routes in the area while the restrictions remain in operation.

Please see our interactive map for all movements of the Roe Highway/Berkshire Road interchange when complete. Full completion of the interchange is scheduled by the end of March 2016.