27 May 2015

Stormwater treatment upgrade

Gateway WA is finishing work to upgrade a stormwater treatment system that will provide environmental benefits into the future.   

As part of the stormwater upgrade, Gateway WA has installed a filtration system called a duoceptor in the road reserve between Locock Street and the Tonkin Highway southbound off-ramp to the Great Eastern Highway in Ascot.

The duoceptor removes hydrocarbons and fine sediment at its source and has been developed to treat large catchment areas.   

The stormwater upgrade has been located to treat as much of the road runoff as possible, including runoff from the Great Eastern Highway / Tonkin Highway interchange, which is outside of the Gateway WA project area.

The duoceptor will increase the standard of the water quality coming from the roads prior to discharge into the open drain, which then travels into the Swan River.

Preparation and investigation work for the installation of the duoceptor was carried out last December, with construction beginning at the start of this year and set to conclude shortly.