Artist impression Tonkin Leach interchange
30 Mar 2015

Successful weekend switches

It was a weekend of vast change for the Gateway WA project area as layout modifications and traffic restrictions were put into operation at intersections close to the Perth Airport.       

Some of the changes were temporary to open up new works areas for the project team to use. Other changes are long term and, together with the next set of changes scheduled to take place, will continuously work towards advancing the interchanges to their final layout.        

It was a multidisciplinary team effort to achieve the various traffic switches in the weekend timeframe. Crews worked around the clock from Friday evening until the early hours of Monday morning to ensure the necessary changes were made to the intersections and surrounding stretches of highway.

The travelling public will enjoy some early benefits from the changes such as some free-flow movements. An example of this is Leach Highway eastbound traffic travelling towards the Perth Airport which no longer needs to stop at Abernethy Road or Tonkin Highway.

Road users are thanked for their co-operation during this period of complex transformation and are encouraged to become familiar with the new layouts that are in place on our major traffic changes page.

 Image: Artist impression of the future Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange which the team is working towards.