Tonkin Horrie Miller Kewdale
10 Oct 2014

Team prepares for bridge beam lift

The Southern Zone structures team is busy preparing for the next Gateway WA milestone which will involve the lifting and placement of bridge beams for the future Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road interchange bridge. 

To form the new bridge, beams need to be installed over the top of Tonkin Highway, resting on newly constructed bridge abutments. In order for the beam lifts to take place safely, a section of Tonkin Highway will need to be closed for two weekends at the end of October - the weekend beginning Friday, 17 October (from 7pm that evening) and the weekend beginning Friday, 24 October.

The team will be working around the clock to carry out the beam lifts over the weekends to ensure Tonkin Highway is open on time for Monday morning commuters. Those who need to travel on Tonkin Highway while the closure is in place will be guided by signage to an alternative route.

The beams will be lifted into position by dual crane lifts. A 350 tonne crawler crane will be situated on Tonkin Highway and a 300 tonne crawler will be placed behind the abutments. Crawler cranes were chosen as the bridge proportions require multiple set-ups and these cranes can be moved quickly to facilitate this.

To form the flared corners of the bridge’s deck, special beams known as wing beams will be installed on an angle from the abutments to the midpoint of the edge precast beams.  These wing beams are supported with a system of temporary steel frames and jacks until final connections are made.

The installation of the bridge beams will be significant for the project and will be a major step towards the future interchange. The bridge will carry future traffic on Kewdale Road and Horrie Miller Drive over the top of Tonkin Highway, allowing uninterrupted movement on Tonkin Highway. 

Please note that a height restriction of 5.6 metres will be in place for all vehicles travelling on Tonkin Highway between Leach Highway and Kewdale Road / Horrie Miller Drive.

For further information on this upcoming closure please see the traffic notice. If you require any additional information please phone 1800 420 421 to speak to the community relations team.

Aerial view Bridge beams ready for installation

Aerial view of precast beams stored adjacent to Tonkin Highway, ready for installation

Bridge Facts:

  • The bridge will have two abutments and one centre pier with the two bridge spans measuring 25 metres and 27 metres.
  • The bridge beams comprise of 26 T-Roff beams, four wing beams and eight smaller precast beams, combining to approximately 2,800 tonnes.
  • The heaviest individual bridge beam weighs 103 tonnes.
  • The deck area of the bridge will be almost 4,000 square metres.