Earth Ribbon panels
4 Sep 2015

Team to advance public art

One of the main tasks to be carried out by the project team across the coming week is the ongoing installation of Earth Ribbon, one of the public art features of the Grand Gateway.

Earth Ribbon is a layered, double-faced wall that curves around the Grand Gateway at the ground level of the Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange.

Made from Corten steel, Earth Ribbon runs between the road and the Principal Shared Path network, as well as acting as a cladding on bridge abutments and retaining walls. 

There is further information on Gateway WA’s public art features available on our urban design page.

A variety of other finishing works occupy the project team’s agenda this week which will require associated closures.

Signage on the ground, such as variable message signs, will guide motorists through the area.

Those travelling to and from Perth Airport are advised to factor extra time into their journeys as the road network continues to transform.