Glassford Rd article
31 Jul 2014

Update: Glassford Road re-opened

As part of the Gateway WA Project, the intersection of Leach Highway / Abernethy Road will be upgraded to a grade separated interchange. The arrangements at the new interchange will see Abernethy Road travel over Leach Highway.

The interchange will be constructed in stages to keep traffic flowing.  Stage 1 was completed in late May and stage 2 was completed in July.  Please see below for the stages associated with the construction of this section.

The full closure of Glassford Road at the intersection of Abernethy Road was required during stage 2 of the works due to the level difference in the road pavements between the two carriageways. At this location, the height of Abernethy Road will increase by approximately half a metre as it begins to ramp up to go over Leach Highway in the ultimate arrangement. Glassford Road has now been re-opened to traffic.

Construction staging – Abernethy Road between Leach Highway and Hazelhurst Street Construction of Abernethy Road at the southern side of the intersection will be undertaken in stages, as outlined below. The extent of works on this side of the intersection is between Leach Highway and Hazelhurst Street and the construction staging replicate those recently undertaken on the northern side of the intersection.

1. COMPLETE: Build pavement on Abernethy Road between the western verge and existing median. Once built, Abernethy Road traffic moves onto this new pavement opening up the work area needed to undertake the next stage.

2. COMPLETE: Build pavement on a section of Abernethy Road directly adjacent to Glassford Road. Once built, Abernethy Road southbound traffic moves onto this new pavement. Northbound traffic will remain on the pavement built during the first stage, opening up a work area between the two carriageways needed to undertake the Stage 3 works.

3. UNDERWAY: Build pavement in the middle of the two carriageways of Abernethy Road. Once built northbound traffic will be moved onto this pavement.  At this stage a temporary intersection at Leach Highway / Abernethy Road, which is further north, will become operational to allow bridge construction to commence.

Generally, the project is constructing permanent road pavement during these stages; however some temporary pavement is also constructed near the intersection as bridge structures that will carry Abernethy Road over Leach Highway are not yet in place. The project will also be placing a temporary running surface during these stages, with the view to replace this when the new interchange is completed.

In 2015 once bridge structures and associated approaches for the interchange are completed, Abernethy Road traffic on both sides of the intersection will be moved onto the permanent alignment. At this stage asphalting, kerbing, signage, lighting and verge works will be undertaken.