Tonkin Roe Feb 2016
2 Mar 2016

Tonkin Highway southbound alignment to be finished next

The next big milestone for the Tonkin Highway/Roe Highway interchange will soon see road users travelling on the permanent alignment of Tonkin Highway southbound.

The upgraded section of Tonkin Highway, in the vicinity of the interchange, caters for road users coming from Perth City and travelling towards Armadale. The project team are busy preparing for the switch of traffic, which will bring the interchange a major step forward towards completion.

Line marking and other finishing works are among the activities that are currently taking place to prepare this section of Tonkin Highway for opening.   

The upgrade of the Tonkin Highway/Roe Highway interchange will be completed by the end of March in line with the overall project.

To view the final turning movements at the interchange, please see our animated interchange map here.