Night time
30 Jun 2014

Traffic switch success - Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway intersection

Across the weekend 27 to 30 June, the Gateway WA team worked around the clock in order to successfully complete the construction of the temporary intersection of Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway and undertake the challenge of realigning around three kilometres of dual carriageway traffic onto a new alignment.

Tonkin Highway motorists now traverse what will become the Leach Highway to Tonkin Highway interchange ramp. This new temporary alignment is necessary to allow new work areas to open up for earthworks and construction of structures which will form the future Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange.

Commuters and residents can now see construction of the bridge structure that will carry future interchange traffic to/from the Perth Airport taking shape. This bridge, currently under construction immediately adjacent to the Tonkin Highway southbound carriageway will be eight metres high, incorporate about 24 bridge beams and 33 cubic metres of concrete in each support pier.  Around 70,000 cubic metres of fill will be placed in the immediate vicinity of this bridge and the adjacent Tonkin Highway on ramps; which would fill about 28 Olympic size swimming pools.

For more information about the final Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange design, see the fact sheet here.