Tonkin Horrie Miller Kewdale Intersection
21 Jan 2015

Upcoming traffic changes

Over the upcoming weeks there will be a number of restrictions at the Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road intersection that will come into operation. These major traffic changes are transforming the area to its final arrangement.

Road users are advised to plan their journey to avoid delays, especially when travelling to and from the Perth Airport.    

Work that has been taking place so far at the interchange includes the relocation of services, the activation of the temporary intersection and traffic realignments, as well as the construction of the bridge and northern ramps of the interchange.

Approximately 380,000 cubic metres of fill material has been used at the intersection and surrounding area to date and approximately 45,000 tonnes of asphalt has been placed in the vicinity of the interchange. The interchange’s bridge required the largest single concrete pour of the Gateway WA project.  

The imminent traffic changes are necessary to allow the project team to progress the interchange and work towards the final traffic arrangement. 

Upcoming work involves the opening of the Tonkin Highway southbound off-ramp to Horrie Miller Drive and the transfer of some traffic movements to the bridge.  The construction of the interchange’s southern ramps will also take place, leading to further major traffic changes at the intersection.

All information relating to the Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road intersection and its associated traffic changes will be posted here on the Gateway WA website. 

The Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road interchange is scheduled to be finished at the end of the year.