Leach Abernethy
15 May 2014

UPDATE: Abernethy Rd between Noble St & Leach Hwy, Kewdale - Changed Traffic Conditions

UPDATE: 20 May 2014

Gateway WA wish to advise that traffic management currently in place on Abernethy Road between Noble Street and Leach Highway will remain in place until further notice. This includes the closure and movement restrictions at Glassford Road, Hazelhurst Street and Noble Street.

Please be assured the project team is working to remove this traffic management as soon as possible; however recent inclement weather has delayed the progress of the associated works.

The next and final construction activity to be undertaken to allow the traffic management to be removed is the laying of asphalt in the work area on the western side of Abernethy Road.  

Prior to the laying of asphalt, the new base layers of the road need to reach a certain level of dry back to ensure a high quality road is constructed. Unfortunately continuing inclement weather over the past few weeks have hindered the dry back process, resulting in the base layers being too wet to asphalt.  

The project is continuing to monitor the weather forecast and the conditions onsite to identify the first available opportunity to move forward with works.

Please note that Glassford Road will remain shut following the completion of the first stage of works to allow the next stage to be undertaken.  Click here for further information.

The project greatly appreciates the ongoing patience and cooperation of local businesses and road users as works to improve your local road network are undertaken.



UPDATE: 15 May 2014

Gateway WA wish to advise that the road works currently underway on Abernethy Road between Noble Street and Leach Highway will continue until early next week. Weather permitting, the associated traffic management on Abernethy Road, Hazelhurst Street and Noble Street is expected to remain in place until Tuesday 20 May 2014.

Click here to see the full Traffic Notice.

UPDATE - 9 May 2014

Due to recent inclement weather, the progress of the stage one works has been delayed, which makes it necessary for the changed traffic conditions required to facilitate the works to remain in place for an extended duration. The project is currently expecting to complete the works and remove the associated traffic management by Friday 16 May 2014, weather permitting.

UPDATE - 6 May 2014:

Since these changed traffic conditions have been implemented the project has witnessed an increasing number of road users not complying with the traffic management inplace, creating unsafe situations. As such to ensure the safety of all road users, the project will be temporarily closing all access to / from Glassford Road and Hazelhurst Street at Abernethy Road from 7pm tonight, Tuesday 6 May 2014. 

The project’s works along Abernethy Road are progressing well, however forecasted wet weather later this week may extend the duration these closures are in place.  A progress update will be provided later this week.


24 April 2014

As a part of the construction of the new interchange at Leach Highway / Abernethy Road, road works will be undertaken on Abernethy Road between Hazelhurst Street and Leach Highway over the next several months.

The first stage of these works will involve the construction of new road pavement between the western verge and median of Abernethy Road to allow both carriageways to be realigned.

To facilitate the first stage of works, a series of changed traffic conditions will be in place from 7pm, Thursday 1 May 2014. These include turning movement restrictions at the intersections of Abernethy Road and Glassford Road, Hazelhurst Street and Noble Street. Please click here to view the map showing the location of these movement restrictions.

Click here to view maps showing recommended detours and other alternative routes.