Roe Berkshire 2015
16 Apr 2015

Weekend intersection realignment

There’s an action packed weekend planned ahead for the project team with the temporary realignment of the Roe Highway / Berkshire Road intersection scheduled to take place.

The realignment, which was postponed to this upcoming weekend due to wet weather, will involve the intersection and sections of Roe Highway being moved to the north of the existing intersection and closer to the industrial area.

Carrying out this realignment will provide the project team with space to construct the bridge which will carry future Roe Highway traffic over the top of Berkshire Road.

Once this weekend’s temporary realignment has taken place, road users will be travelling on a modified layout of the intersection which will be a continuous four way intersection with all legs being controlled by traffic signals at a single point.

Roe Highway between Tonkin Highway and Great Eastern Highway Bypass will be closed to all traffic from 7pm this Friday (17 April) to 5am on Monday (20 April).

All information relating to the closure is available on our major traffic changes page.

The Roe Highway / Berkshire Road intersection is being upgraded to a grade separated interchange and will be completed next year.

A factsheet about the interchange is available to download: Roe Highway / Berkshire Road Interchange Factsheet